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viewing Dutch barges is an adventure...

Depending on the type of barge you settle on, our search may take us anywhere in Holland.

Different hull types and styles are typical to specific regions and we'll be ensuring that we review all your options before we make our shortlist.

Then, it's across the channel to view the Dutch barges we think best meet your needs. We'll accompany you all the way, organise transportation (and accommodation if necessary) and make sure everything is lined up for you to make a thorough assessment of the vessels.

There's as much fun to be had from learning about the history and meeting some of the people who've lived on Dutch barges all their lives. And of course the waterways of Holland are a joy to visit.

All of which will make choosing your Dutch barge both fun and exciting.


Holland's network of waterways is spread countrywide and our search could take us almost anywhere - we'll be delighted to take you and show you some of the more interesting, unusual and beautiful sites off the beaten track.