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our network is unparalleled... 

We speak Dutch and have worked with the Dutch for 40 years - and during that time count ourselves fortunate enough to have met hundreds of people within the barge communities across Holland.  We have a network of people who remain in constant touch - and have built such a level of trust that we know we will be the first to know if a barge comes onto the market, and be able to check its history and ownership.

Many of our contacts are skippers - or have been skippers - of Dutch barges for many years. This means that we are usually able to find out about the complete history of a given boat; a vital part of the assessment process.  We also know many of the major owners and families who have been connected with the barge industry.

We're proud to know these people - and happy to put our network into action in the search for the right Dutch barge for you.

Experienced skippers, owners, ship yard owners, craftsmen, fitters, repair experts, historians and families with years of living on the Dutch waterways all form part of our network.