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we can get you a mooring...

Mooring is clearly vital. Whilst your Dutch barge will provide you with a wonderful, comfortable home, your surroundings are equally important.  There are some fantastic locations on the rivers, coasts, canals, lakes, boatyards, docks and marinas of the UK - the challenge is in finding them. Fortunately, Dutch Barges Limited has a great reputation with mooring owners and is able to establish availability on your behalf.

Dutch barges can be up to 20 feet wide (although the average is 15.5 feet) and your mooring will need to be accessible to a vessel of this width. This closes off some of the narrow canals that form the inland waterways.

Aside from marinas and docks, many of our barges are moored on the Thames and nearby rivers and canals, as well as on some coastal areas... but talk to us about your options, we'll do our best to find you a location wherever you wish to be. 


Your "garden" might be more glorious than you could possibly imagine!

Finding great moorings is something for which Dutch Barges Limited is renowned.