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it's all in the detail…don’t take risks 

We are so confident of our ability to asses the barges prior to your purchase, that we guarantee to refund all of your money (and costs of the survey process) if your Dutch barge doesn't pass its survey.

We have been using the same Dutch notaries to handle the legal process for 40 years and their knowledge is exemplary. We also fully understand the survey process and - whilst every Dutch barge is unique - we know these boats inside out. That's why we can afford to offer this guarantee - our attention to detail is second to none.

The notary will check the registration and current ownership title. He will also discover whether there is any outstanding finance on the boat and ensure it is paid off before you become the owner. Beware! Vessels can carry their debts upon sale! He will then issue you with a clear Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Deletion from the Dutch Register (certified English copy).





We do not handle client's money. All funds, the client's deposit and the bank's contribution are sent directly to the notary. He pays the seller and all the bills and invoices so your money is in safe hands all the time. In Holland notaries are answerable to the Dutch Government who in fact underwrite their work. We are very careful and always use a notary.

"Having almost magically found us our perfect barge on one visit, Dutch Barges managed the sale, helped with bank transfers of funds and brought a surveyor over from Britain for our survey, and kept us informed at each step of the process. They also put us in touch with the company that financed and insured the barge. " 

Surveying the vessels is a detailed and meticulous task - and we make sure that we have conducted our own thorough inspection before this takes place - including an understanding of the history of the vessel and its previous uses.