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a single price, all inclusive

Dutch Barges Limited seeks to minimize clients' risks and offers excellent value for money.

Our charge is included in the single, one-off price quoted to the client at the time the vessel is first seen. No VAT is ever payable, including alterations. This all-in figure is in Euros, as in the contract. It includes all costs, profits, commissions and fees involved in finding, inspecting, slipping, surveying, valuing, buying, checking for proof of title etc, repairs, repainting and the delivery of the vessel to its UK mooring, which are payable to the owner, notary, shipyard, surveyor, skippers and all professionals and other parties involved. No further commissions or charges are payable to anyone.

We take no commissions from insurers or mortgage lenders so our advice is impartial and we can remain independent. We guarantee that this single all-inclusive figure will be lower than the formal written valuation of the craft as provided by a qualified surveyor, member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, whose work is known to and accepted by leading British Insurers and mortgage lenders like Barclays Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. We further guarantee that vat charges either in Holland or in the UK will not apply and that the craft will be provided as zero rated.

We never handle clients' money.  All money is sent to a Dutch Notary who hold clients' funds in an escrow account pending proof of title and survey.

The barges we have imported over the years have typically ranged in price from £60,000 to £175,000 - and have risen in value by, on average 15% within the first year.