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retire and relax...

Many of our customers have bought barges in early retirement both as an investment and a home as well as a means of travelling around Europe.   They know their barge will appreciate at about 5% pa.

With a price tag of between £60,000 and £175,000 for the equivalent space of a 2 or 3 bedroom home, a Dutch barge is affordable and of an ideal size, manageable without being cramped and mainly on one level. And we can put you in touch with a specialist in financing to ensure the right package is established and meet any other needs you might have to plan your future.

This can represent a way to release capital whilst taking advantage of a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle with the freedom to get away where and when it suits.  Your investment is appreciating in value while you use it and enjoy it.

It might not be a solution you had thought of, but retiring to enjoy a more tranquil environment with the freedom to explore those long dreamed of destinations could be a reality with a Dutch barge.

Dutch Barges NL Limited work for you to secure the best boat possible to meet your needs - and manage the project through from purchase to delivery. What's more, we guarantee you'll be happy - or we'll refund the full purchase price within 1 year of purchase provided it is in the same condition.