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Home is where your heart is...


It would be true to say that most people put their heart and soul into their Dutch barges... not just out of the sense of romance that comes from owning a place on the river, but because they do make wonderful homes.

The barges themselves are solidly built and extremely durable - you will feel just as secure as in any brick-built house. And then they become a canvas for your imagination in terms of decor.

There's something about living on a barge that brings out the creativity in people when it comes to furnishing and colour. The combination of a greater sense of freedom and a desire to create a 'cosy' environment often means the barge becomes more homely than a standard house. Central heating as well as solid fuel fires are commonplace.



 Long term moorings are available in a wide variety of locations, meaning that you don't lose any sense of stability and all other amenities never have to be far away - but not so near that they can disturb your peace. The ideal home.

Solidly built and remarkably well insulated, Dutch barges are definitely a cool place to be in the summer - and warm and cosy during the winter.