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 more than enough power...

As with any other vehicle, Dutch Barges come with a number of alternative engine types - the one thing you can be sure of that is they will have more than enough power to take you where you'll want to go.

A few barges are still fitted with the old air start systems, but most have modern standard diesel engines, which are easy to service and maintain.

Dutch Barges have over 40 years experience in selecting the right engine, ensuring it is in good working order and fit for your purpose.

During our viewing tour, we will be happy to show you the engine room in detail and discuss the various merits of the options. More than just a power source for your vessel, some of these impressive engines are a fascinating insight into the history of river travel and fine examples of mechanical achievement.


The engine above is a typical 4 stroke, 6 cylinder engine from a Barge built post 1960.

The engine below is from a Dutch barge built in 1924. Elegant, efficient and still working at top level performance.