Over the years we’ve found Dutch barges for many people – and for almost as many reasons – but there is a recurring theme; the need for a gentle, altogether more relaxed element to their lifestyle.


And so far, they haven’t been disappointed. Life on board has no real disadvantage over owning bricks & mortar – on the contrary, there are many advantages. Aside from the obvious ability to take a break without packing any bags, there’s the sense of freedom, fresh air, being close to nature (even bad weather is a wonderfully invigorating experience) and the fun of entertaining.


Central heating is normally oil fired but can be run on solid fuel, gas or mains 240v electricity.


From a practical perspective, you literally can have all the “mod cons” – and from a more carefree perspective! You can make every day a completely different day‚Ķ


Life can be a great deal of fun when your home becomes a floating weekend away – at the drop of a hat. No bags to pack and your vehicle is on your doorstep.