Dutch Barges become for sale

These Large commercial Dutch Barges are a feature of Dutch waterways. Many of the older smaller vessels are no longer economical to be run commercially and these Dutch Barges finally become for sale as floating homes. Furthermore as a permanent home or weekend retreat the solidly built original Dutch barge has no peer.


At Dutch Barges (Netherlands) Limited is not a brokerage. We do not work for sellers but rather represent buyers who want a Dutch Barge but usually don’t know how to get one. With our help we allow these Dutch Barges finally become for sale. Our establishment has been doing this for 40 years and combined with our team of retired skippers in Holland. As a result our organisation is unequalled in experience and knowledge of Dutch Barges. We provide no other kind of ship.


More than 300 of our Dutch Barges are now moored on waterways across the UK, Ireland and France.

 Save & Exit


Life on a Dutch Barge, whether it is your home or a weekend getaway, which consequently represents the kind of lifestyle and freedom of which many dream.


You can be living in the space of a three-bedroom home on these Dutch Barges. Also in prime locations at a fraction of the cost of its bricks and mortar equivalent. Luxury bathrooms and kitchens, comfortable living areas, en-suite bedrooms. With the right vessel, you will be especially amazed at the standard of accommodation. And as a result all with a stunning view.


Furthermore you can add that to the freedom to take to the waterways at your leisure and you can appreciate why Dutch Barges are becoming increasingly popular and more and more Dutch Barges become for sale.


We at Dutch Barges (Netherlands) Limited has over 40 years experience in securing the best and greatest value vessels available in Holland.That’s why we are responsible for almost half of the Dutch Barges moored on Britain’s waterways today.


“We’ve been so happy since we moved into our barge on the Thames. The space and freedom are fantastic – and Dutch Barges Limited made the whole process a breeze.” “I can’t tell you how much this has improved our lives. Fresh air, peace and tranquility. Thank you so much for helping make all this happen…”


Dutch Barges Limited work for you to secure the best boat possible to meet your needs. We manage the project through (e.g from purchase, to delivery, all VAT free). What’s more, we guarantee you’ll be happy – or we’ll refund the full purchase price within one year of purchase if the vessel is unchanged.

Dutch Barges become for sale