Why use Dutch Barges Limited

Why use Dutch Barges Limited. Dutch Barges Limited seeks to minimize clients’ risks and offers excellent value for money.

Our charge is included in the single, one-off price quoted to the client at the time the vessel is first seen. No VAT is ever payable, including alterations. This all-in figure is in Euros, as in the contract. It therefore includes all costs; profits; commissions and fees involved in finding; inspecting; slipping; surveying; valuing; buying; checking for proof of title etc; repairs; repainting and the delivery of the vessel to its UK mooring, which therefore is payable to the owner; notary; shipyard; surveyor; skippers and all professionals and other parties involved. There are no further commissions or charges are payable to anyone.

We take no commissions from insurers or mortgage lenders so our advice is impartial and we can remain independent. We guarantee that this single all-inclusive figure will be lower than the formal written valuation of the craft as provided by a qualified surveyor. The surveyor is a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. Whose work is known to and accepted by leading British Insurers and mortgage lenders like Barclays Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. We further guarantee that vat charges either in Holland or in the UK will not apply and that the craft will be provided as zero rated.

We never handle clients’ money. All money is sent to a Dutch Notary who hold clients’ funds in an escrow account pending proof of title and survey.

The barges we have imported over the years have typically ranged in price from £60,000 to £175,000 – and consequently have risen in value by, on average 15% within the first year.


Why use Dutch Barges Limited




Because we were the first in the business in Britain! There were no Dutch barge brokers or builders in Britain 40 years ago and we took out this ‘co.uk’ iconic address at the advent of the world wide web in 1986. Why use Dutch Barges Limited.

Why use Dutch Barges Limited



We are constantly in touch with our network in Holland; and are kept fully up to date with the availability of vessels. This makes it much easier and quicker to find the right Barge for you when we know what your needs are.


Once we have a good sense of what you require we will:


• Draw up a specification that describes your needs.


• Alert our network of agents.


• Identify a shortlist of suitable vessels.


• Put the necessary checks in place to establish the vessel’s history and status.


We will seek to discover what cargo it carried when it worked. Some cargos are corrosive and leave a hull permanently damaged, so these ships should be avoided. Thats why use Dutch Barges Limited.


Then comes the fun part – taking you on a viewing trip to see the short list of candidates in Holland. Barges have regional differences; some areas of Holland specialise in particular types of hull and layout. So we make sure we’re aware of all the options available at any one time. Furthermore we’ll make all the checks necessary to make sure your Barge is sound before we take you to view it.

Why use Dutch Barges Limited



Depending on the type of barge you settle on, our search may take us anywhere in Holland.


Different hull types and styles are typical to specific regions and we’ll be ensuring that we review all your options before we make our shortlist.


Then, it’s across the channel to view the Dutch barges we think best meet your needs. We’ll accompany you all the way, organise transportation (and accommodation if necessary) and make sure everything is lined up for you to make a thorough assessment of the vessels.


There’s as much fun to be had from learning about the history and meeting some of the people who’ve lived on Dutch barges all their lives. And most of all the waterways of Holland are a joy to visit.


All of which will make choosing your Dutch barge both fun and exciting.


Holland’s network of waterways is spread countrywide and our search could take us almost anywhere. We’ll be delighted to take you and show you some of the more interesting, unusual and beautiful sites off the beaten track.

Why use Dutch Barges Limited



We are so confident of our ability to asses the barges prior to your purchase, that we guarantee to refund all of your money (and costs of the survey process) if your Dutch barge doesn’t pass its survey.


Our company have been using the same Dutch notaries to handle the legal process for 40 years and their knowledge is exemplary. We also fully understand the survey process and – whilst every Dutch barge is unique – we know these boats inside out. That’s why we can afford to offer this guarantee – our attention to detail is second to none.


The notary will check the registration and current ownership title. He will also discover whether there is any outstanding finance on the boat and ensure it is paid off before you become the owner. Beware! Vessels can carry their debts upon sale! He will then issue you with a clear Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Deletion from the Dutch Register (certified English copy).

Broekema Nielsen



We speak Dutch and have worked with the Dutch for 40 years. During that time count ourselves fortunate enough to have met hundreds of people within the barge communities across Holland. Our network of people we have, remain in constant touch – and have built such a level of trust that we know we will be the first to know if a barge comes onto the market. This allows us also to be able to check its history and ownership.


Many of our contacts are skippers – or have been skippers – of Dutch barges for many years. This means that we are usually able to find out about the complete history of a given boat; a vital part of the assessment process. We also know many of the major owners and families who have been connected with the barge industry.


We’re proud to know these people – and happy to put our network into action in the search for the right Dutch barge for you.


Experienced skippers, owners, ship yard owners, craftsmen, fitters, repair experts, historians and families with years of living on the Dutch waterways. This all forms part of our network.

Why use Dutch Barges Limited



Bringing your Dutch barge across to the UK is one of the most most enjoyable parts of the experience and you can join us if you wish. Over the years, many of our customers have taken the helm as we navigate across the channel; particularly delightful in the spring and summer months. It’s an invaluable chance to familiarise yourself with the handling of the vessel and it’s included in the package.


This is especially useful if you’re aiming to use the barge for a weekend getaway – and if you would like to take the barge across to the waterways of Europe. We have extensive knowledge of the best places to travel – including some of Europe’s most charming and undiscovered locations. We’ll be happy to share our secrets…


Of course we shall bring your Dutch barge across the channel for you. But if you’d like to get a real feel for your new vessel, why not join us for some lessons in navigating the open waters?

Why use Dutch Barges Limited



Mooring is clearly vital. Whilst your Dutch barge will provide you with a wonderful, comfortable home, your surroundings are equally important. There are some fantastic locations on the rivers, coasts, canals, lakes, boatyards, docks and marinas of the UK – the challenge is in finding them. Fortunately, Dutch Barges Limited has a great reputation with mooring owners and is able to establish availability on your behalf.


Dutch barges can be up to 20 feet wide (although the average is 15.5 feet) and your mooring will need to be accessible to a vessel of this width. This closes off some of the narrow canals that form the inland waterways.


Aside from marinas and docks, many of our barges are moored on the Thames and nearby rivers and canals, as well as on some coastal areas. But talk to us about your options, we’ll do our best to find you a location wherever you wish to be.


Your “garden” might be more glorious than you could possibly imagine!


Finding great moorings is something for which Dutch Barges Limited is renowned.

Why use Dutch Barges Limited


Our approach to assessing your needs and finding the right Dutch barge is meticulous. So much so that we provide a number of guarantees along the way.


Ultimately, our goal is for you to be happy with your new home.

To that end we will commit to:

• Provide vessel and alterations/conversions @ zero rated VAT for labour and materials.

• guarantee the survey; if your chosen vessel does not pass its survey, we will refund all the costs including slipping –
so you don’t spend any money finding that you shouldn’t have bought the boat.

• investigate its background and use to see if we can find and introduce you to its original owners or their descendants.

• a one year refund guarantee; if at any time during your first year of ownership, you decide it’s not for you,
we will refund the purchase price of your barge provided its condition is unchanged.


Dutch Barges (NL) Limited offers the fullest, most comprehensive service in importing barges from Holland. We’re the only company to provide that guarantee.


We have a simple philosophy when it comes to customer service. We want you to be completely satisfied (and preferably absolutely delighted) with your Dutch barge; which is why we offer such generous guarantees.

Why use Dutch Barges Limited