Finding a barge to suit your needs is a very important part of our service.


You might think that all barges are pretty much the same – but this is far from the truth. Finding the best fit for your needs can be painstaking and time-consuming unless you know where to look and what to look for. Luckily, we have 40 years of experience and a network of contacts to pinpoint the best vessel at any point in time. If you are very tall, a Friesian or Groningen built vessel would probably suit you better – simply because many of the people form these regions are tall and their barges have more headroom and longer beds.


We’ll make a full assessment of your requirements; the type and size of accommodation you’d like; how you’d like to use the barge; where you’d like to moor it; your budget for purchase and renovation. All of these things will factor in the type of Barge you’ll need. Only when we feel comfortable together that we have defined what you need exactly, will we take the next step…


“We wanted a really traditional Dutch Barge that we could moor locally and use to travel at weekends…”


Dutch Barges Limited work for you to secure the best boat possible to meet your needs – and manage the project through from purchase to delivery. What’s more, we guarantee you’ll be happy – or we’ll refund the full purchase price any time within 1 year of purchase provided it is in the same condition.