heart and soul into their Dutch barges


It would be true to say that most people put their heart and soul into their Dutch barges. Not just out of the sense of romance that comes from owning a place on the river, but because they do make wonderful homes.


The barges themselves are solidly built and extremely durable. You will feel just as secure as in any brick-built house. And then they become a canvas for your imagination in terms of decor.


There’s something about living on a barge that brings out the creativity in people when it comes to furnishing and colour. The combination of a greater sense of freedom and a desire to create a ‘cosy’ environment. This often means the barge becomes more homely than a standard house. Central heating as well as solid fuel fires are commonplace and this really allows people to put their heart and soul into their Dutch barges.

heart and soul into their Dutch barges


Kitchens raise as many questions as any area in the Barge. The truth is, you can treat this area as you would a kitchen in any home.


Depending on the size of the vessel you purchase, you can install pretty much any option you might find in a typical kitchen showroom. If you are buying to convert, then the space you allocate is under your control. This will allow you to have a spacious and well equipped kitchen to suit your needs.


Normal gas or electric hobs and ovens can be fitted as well as extractor fans to keep your kitchen space fresh and clean. Take a look through our gallery here to see some options. You’ll find that you have as much flexibility as you’ll need to fit an appropriate kitchen.


Entertaining on a Barge is a real joy. You’ll find your guests are completely enchanted with dining in such a refreshing and romantic environment.

heart and soul into their Dutch barges


Many of our clients have purchased Dutch barges with the intention of taking to the waterways of the UK and Europe. This has become an integral part of the experience.


There are some truly glorious journeys across our own country and through Holland and France. They can offer you magical holidays and unforgettable experiences. Dutch barges have engines more than capable of dealing with the sea-going needs. You will find they were originally designed for serious commercial purposes, so you can be confident of a solid and comfortable journey.


We will ensure the engine is in good condition. We can also offer you some interesting insights into some of the best kept secrets in river travel across Europe. We’ll teach you navigation skills and how to handle your barge. We will guide you on the ‘where not to go’ so that you don’t get into a tight squeeze in the narrow canals over there.


Some of your most enjoyable journeys will be on Europe’s hidden waterways. We’ll be happy to show you some of the best kept secrets afloat.


Many of our customers have bought barges in early retirement, both as an investment and a home. They also chose this lifestyle as a means of travelling around Europe. They know their barge will appreciate at about 5% pa.


With a price tag of between £60,000 and £175,000 for the equivalent space of a 2 or 3 bedroom home, a Dutch barge is affordable and of an ideal size. They are manageable without being cramped and mainly on one level. And we can put you in touch with a specialist in financing to ensure the right package is established and meet any other needs you might have to plan your future.


This can represent a way to release capital whilst taking advantage of a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. There is also the advantage of the freedom to get away where and when it suits you. Your investment is appreciating in value while you use it and enjoy it.


This might not have been at all a retiring solution. But it allows you to enjoy a more tranquil environment with the freedom to explore those long dreamed of destinations. This could be a reality with a Dutch barge.


Dutch Barges NL Limited work for you to secure the best boat possible to meet your needs. We manage the project through from purchase to delivery. What’s more, we guarantee you’ll be happy. If not we’ll refund the full purchase price within 1 year of purchase provided it is in the same condition.

heart and soul into their Dutch barges


For many of our clients, the flexibility to take off for a break at any time is one of the main benefits of owning a Dutch barge. Either as a home or purely as a bolthole at the weekends.


The beauty of it is, you can make the decision in an instant and there’s nothing to stop you just taking off. No bags to pack, no arrangements to make, just quietly slip away from your mooring and head out on the waterways.


It’s the same if you use your boat just at weekends; with everything you need on board, it’s easy to get away. Whether it’s a weekend in the country or a city break or a trip to Europe…


We know some of the most fascinating and unspoilt places across Europe and we’ll be happy to share our secrets with you.

heart and soul into their Dutch barges