Your total investment will depend to some extent on the level of conversion that your barge needs and of course its size.
On average the cost of the barge itself is between £60,000 and £175,000. That’s approximately 20% less than you would pay if you purchased the vessel yourself in the UK.


Add to that our commission, legal, shipyard, survey and delivery costs. These are normally incorporated in the total purchase price, which makes them covered by the mortgage and so enables the client to put down the minimum deposit.


Our recommendation is that your financing cover the entire package – in that way the capital investment required can be kept to a minimum. We can help you make the best of the financing options available through our contacts.


Moorings vary in cost depending on location, but you will find the cost of living will be lower overall. All in all, a small cost to pay for a dream lifestyle.


Trust us when we say that the return on your investment will be measured by far more than money; many of our customers have completely changed their lives since buying a Dutch barge.


We can provide interim finance if UK lenders only provide funds for vessels after they have arrived here and actually are in Britain. This is our solution to a common situation with buyers.


If well maintained, old, original, Dutch cargo barges built before World War 11 appreciate in value as do old houses. They go up in value. They held their price during the crash of 2008 but are now appreciating again at approximately 5% pa.  Newly built British copies of old Dutch barges lack the elegance and character of the original, genuine article.  They depreciate in value as do new cars. New boats go down in value each year, so are not investments at all.


Actual example of one barge’s appreciation


This Klipper was bought out of trade for £3,000 in 1975.


Following a £4,000 conversion, it served as a family home for 40 years.

Refurbished again for £65,000, in 2015 it was sold for £315,000.