“Twenty years after we bought our barge, you still amaze us with your fountain of knowledge of these craft, and you were right – it is now worth five times what we paid for it. Thank you for your unending advice and help.”


“Only one name if you want a risk free, value for money package: Dutch Barges Limited.”


“There can be very few businesses that can match yours for service.”


“The whole buying experience was great fun, and you even taught us some Dutch!”


“We bought our barge from you 34 years ago and raised our family on it. Now our son lives on De Hoop with his family. In all that time you have been a consistent and reliable source of help and advice – we cannot recommend your services highly enough.”


“Such value for money! Hard to believe… Three barges later, all from you and all in great shape, we shall want number four in the Spring. ”


“Who would have thought a church in a barge? But it is there and in splendid condition. God bless you.”


“Utterly professional from start to finish: the no risk package… easy to see why all the banks recommend you.”


We are proud of our service – and that so many of our customers are too!


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When most people think of Holland, they think of Amsterdam, but whilst Amsterdam is an exciting and quite extraordinary place, it is only a small part of Holland’s story.


The Dutch landscape offers lots of variety; the coastal areas of the North and West being very different to the inland East and South. But two things remain consistent; glorious waterways and fascinating and friendly people.


Many of the Dutch have lived on barges all their lives and know more about them than we could ever learn. After 40 very pleasurable years working with them, we’re still discovering new things.


We always look forward to taking our clients across for their viewing visits, because it is a joy to introduce hidden parts of Holland to someone new – and because we never tire of visiting this beautiful country.


“It continues to be a pleasure to suggest Dutch Barges to anyone buying a barge. Their reputation for integrity, professionalism and knowledge of barges goes before them. “


“I can’t tell you how much this has improved our lives. Fresh air, peace and tranquility. Thank you so much for helping make all this happen…”


Join us in Holland to discover one of Europe’s most beautiful, enjoyable and unspoilt countries.