Dutch barges for sale
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Large commercial barges are a feature of Dutch waterways. Many of the older smaller vessels, no longer economic to be run commercially, have found a second life as floating homes. As a permanent home or weekend retreat the solidly built original Dutch barge has no peer, alowing dutch Barges for sale.


Dutch Barges (NL) Limited is not a brokerage. We do not work for sellers.  We represent buyers who want a Dutch barge but usually don’t know how to get one. We have been doing this for 40 years and combined with our team of retired skippers in Holland, our organisation is unequalled in experience and knowledge of Dutch barges. We provide no other kind of ship.
More than 300 of our barges are now moored on waterways across the UK, Ireland and France.

Dutch barges for sale

Mortgage financing for barges is a specialist area – and you’ll need the right kind of advice to make sure your purchase runs smoothly. Over the years, Dutch Barges has developed contacts with experts in this field. Dutch Barges Ltd is not a mortgage broker or lender, but we can put you in touch with them knowing that all the right information is available for you to successfully process your application. We take no commissions nor levy any charge for this service: it’s all part of the package.


What’s more, the way the financing is arranged to include all fees and costs, means the deposit that you need to raise is at a minimum. This makes our service the most competitive and secure available; be sure to consult with us at an early stage to ensure you get the best deal possible.


And of course, by purchasing your barge through Dutch Barges Limited, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will refund the purchase price of the boat if you decide at any time in the first year that it’s not for you, given the condition is unchanged.


Dutch Barges has helped scores of people obtain financing for their purchases. It makes sense to take advantage of our years of experience.


There’s no risk attached with the purchase process. If your barge fails to meet the necessary legal or survey requirements, the Notary will refund all your money – GUARANTEED.

Lifestyle on Dutch barges for sale

Over the years we’ve found Dutch barges for many people and for almost as many reasons. Most of all there is a recurring theme; the need for a gentle, altogether more relaxed element to their lifestyle.


And so far, they haven’t been disappointed. Life on board has no real disadvantage over owning bricks and mortar – on the contrary, there are many advantages. Aside from the obvious. Finally the ability to take a break without packing any bags, there’s the sense of freedom, fresh air, being close to nature (even bad weather is a wonderfully invigorating experience) and the fun of entertaining.


Furthermore central heating is normally oil fired but can be run on solid fuel, gas or mains 240v electricity.


From a practical perspective, you literally can have all the “mod cons” – and from a more carefree perspective! Most of all you can make every day a completely different day…


Life can be a great deal of fun when your home becomes a floating weekend away – at the drop of a hat. No bags to pack and your vehicle is on your doorstep.

Dutch barges for sale

Dutch Barges Limited seeks to minimize clients’ risks and offers excellent value for money.


Our charge is included in the single, one-off price quoted to the client at the time the vessel is first seen. No VAT is ever payable, including alterations. This all-in figure is in Euros, as in the contract. It therefore includes all costs; profits; commissions and fees involved in finding; inspecting; slipping; surveying; valuing; buying; checking for proof of title etc; repairs; repainting and the delivery of the vessel to its UK mooring, which therefore is payable to the owner; notary; shipyard; surveyor; skippers and all professionals and other parties involved. There are no further commissions or charges are payable to anyone.

We take no commissions from insurers or mortgage lenders so our advice is impartial and we can remain independent. We guarantee that this single all-inclusive figure will be lower than the formal written valuation of the craft as provided by a qualified surveyor. The surveyor is a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. Whose work is known to and accepted by leading British Insurers and mortgage lenders like Barclays Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. We further guarantee that vat charges either in Holland or in the UK will not apply and that the craft will be provided as zero rated.

We never handle clients’ money. All money is sent to a Dutch Notary who hold clients’ funds in an escrow account pending proof of title and survey.

Furthermore the barges we have imported over the years have typically ranged in price from £60,000 to £175,000 – and consequently have risen in value by, on average 15% within the first year.


Dutch barges for sale
Our customers Dutch barges for sale

“Twenty years after we bought our barge, you still amaze us with your fountain of knowledge of these craft, and you were right – it is now worth five times what we paid for it. Thank you for your unending advice and help.”


“Only one name if you want a risk free, value for money package: Dutch Barges Limited.”


“There can be very few businesses that can match yours for service.”


“The whole buying experience was great fun, and you even taught us some Dutch!”


“We bought our barge from you 34 years ago and raised our family on it. Now our son lives on De Hoop with his family. In all that time you have been a consistent and reliable source of help and advice – we cannot recommend your services highly enough.”


“Such value for money! Hard to believe… Three barges later, all from you and all in great shape, we shall want number four in the Spring. ”


“Who would have thought a church in a barge? But it is there and in splendid condition. God bless you.”


“Utterly professional from start to finish: the no risk package… easy to see why all the banks recommend you.”


First of all we are proud of our service – and that so many of our customers are too!


Finally would you like to speak to some of our many customers?

Dutch barges for sale
Special projects Dutch barges for sale

One of our most interesting projects was to find a Dutch barge that could be used as a church – to be moored in the centre of London’s Docklands! Working closely with our long standing colleagues at SRF (Ship Repair Friesland) in Harlingen, it turned out to be one of our most enjoyable and satisfying projects.


Having found a shortlist of vessels, we took our clients to view them. We chose a very large type that would give us a wide interior. The vessel was surveyed, bought, then shortened. We managed the conversion, imported the barge and then sailed her slowly and majestically onto her new mooring in West India Dock beside Canary Wharf in London.


St Peter’s has been holding services there since 2003 and is hosting an ever-growing congregation. This project was featured by the BBC on ‘Inside Out’, when a team joined us on the delivery trip all the way from Friesland.

Dutch barges for sale
Dutch barges for sale